"Capturing personalities one portrait at a time..."

Thank you to Pacific Dream Photography, HI

I approach each photo session with the idea that photography is about capturing personality.  

My style is to sit back and patiently observe.  

Whether I am photographing a wedding or taking portraits, I watch and wait for those candid moments that create a story.  I like the challenge of noticing details that others don't see or capturing those fleeting moments that others often miss.

My love for photography started in middle school, with a point and shoot camera.  I realized I would need something more sophisticated  for my skills to develop further.  I took a summer course in photography that led me to become the photographer and editor of my high school yearbook- and with that a passion was born.

I continued my photography studies at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  This took my photography skills beyond just pushing buttons.  Ultimately, it gave me the opportunity to photograph in different locations and subjects that honed my skills.  With this knowledge and inspiration of my own children, I developed my own photography business.  Having a photography business allows me to share this passion, to capture your life time events, and document a moment that will never be forgotten.

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